Kiddyboost turns most strollers into electric strollers in less than a minute :
– Adjustable arms and two extension lengths (STD or XL) to fit many strollers.
– Its 200W motor pushes easily up to 4 children or 100kg (including stroller) up a 10% gradient.
– Its electric trigger allows you to vary speed up to 4 km/h
– Range up to 15km or 30km according to the selected battery (4Ah or 7.8Ah).
NB : Please check the compatibility of your stroller and read the description below before ordering.

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Kiddyboost is a removable power system that can be mounted
on most children strollers
– Easy to install, it can be mounted and dismounted in less than one minute.
– Available in 2 extension lengths depending on the size of the stroller to be motorized.
(STD or XL, both lengths STD+XL can be used to motorize strollers of different sizes).
– Once the power is on, press the trigger fixed on the handle bar and push the stroller simultaneously
the electric assistance starts after 1 to 4 steps ..
– Speed can be adjusted up to 4 km/h.
– Up to 4 children with a 10% slopes ..
– 200W 24V motor
– Removable 24V lithium-ion battery, available in 4Ah or 7.8Ah versions for range up to
15 kilometers or 30 kilometers on flat ground (at a constant speed of 4 kmh with 4 children or 100 kg including stroller).
– The battery can be recharged in less than 2 or 4 hours using the supplied mains charger.
– The Kiddyboost just weighs around 9.5 kilos (depending on options).
– The battery and arms can be removed to ease transport and storage.
– Kiddyboost is only a pushing aid; it does not brake the stroller when going downhill.

– Warranty: 2 years (except battery 1 year)


1 – Check your stroller’s compatibility :Make sure your stroller is compatible with Kiddyboost (see FAQ on the operation page). If in doubt, consult the “compatible strollers” table by clicking HERE or email us at

2 – Identify the right size of extenions : STD or XL ? This depends on the width of the stroller, the space required for the parking brake and the location of the rear chassis tubes. Consult the FAQ on the overview page or the “list of compatible strollers” table by clicking HERE, or email us at

3 – Select the right battery capacity : the range varies greatly depending on the number and weight of children, the slope intensity, the duration of daily use, weather conditions (wind, cold, etc…)… To help you, click HERE to select the most appropriate.

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