Turn your stroller into an electric puschair

In less than a minute thanks to Kiddyboost

Why don’t you power your stroller?

Kiddyboost powers the stroller of your choice

Walks with strollers without fatigue

Kiddyboost reduces the strain of pushing

An innovation expected and rewarded

Gold medal at the 2018 Paris International Lepine Invention Contest

Kiddyboost is the first removable power system for strollers

Patented system, invented, developed and assembled in France

Suitable for most strollers without modification

Keep your stroller or choose the one that’s most appropriate for your needs, Kiddyboost turns it into an electric stroller without modifications.

Up to 4 children with a 10% slope

Use heavy strollers, face the wind or climb the slopes effortlessly, its powerful 200w engine can ascend gradient of up to 10% with 4 children.

Can be mounted and removed in less than a minute

For an easy transport or storage, simply remove the two fasteners and disconnect the electric trigger.

Makes manoeuvring easier

For easy maneuvers, Kiddyboost is equipped with a 360-degree swivel drive wheel that even assists you in tight turns and U-turns.

Up to 30 kilometers of range

Go for a walk with peace of mind. Its 7.8-ah lithium-ion battery offers a range of up to 30 kilometers on the flat. It is removable and weighs only 1.5 kg to easily recharge it at home.

Approved for safety

For the safety of children and the peace of mind of parents, the system is designed and certified to respect the EN1888 standards of the stroller and all the electrical standards in force for Europe.

Parents of young children

rediscover the freedom and fun of family walks

Use your stroller for your walks and shopping effortlessly, no matter what route you choose… no need to limit the journey or take the car, even with the arrival of the little youngest, her/his logistics to transport or the shopping to be carried back home.

Parents of a disabled child

Essential daily support

The joy of sharing long walks with your child is priceless. However, with the years that pass and the stroller that gets heavier and heavier, who helps you on a daily basis?



Take care of yourself and your health

Preserve your shoulders, back, wrists and hands by relieving yourself of the weight to push. Kiddyboost adapts to your stroller model and the number of children you care for (up to 4 children). A certified device for the tranquillity of the parents.


Motivate your employees and keep them from MSDs*

Take care and free your childminders from the physical exertion of heavy strollers. Kiddyboost is certified and adaptable to the different strollers of your employees.

*MSDs = Musculoskeletal disorders

They testify
“I’m so glad I finally got out for a walk with my stroller and the kids! Kiddyboost has freed me from weight-related efforts and above all I have not suffered from my wrist and shoulder pains that have handicapped me for a year.”
Delphine, childminder
Maison-Laffitte (France)
“You get used to the power system very quickly and then it’s very difficult to do without it. In fact, it’s so nice to have no weight that you’re constantly using the motor, even on the flat. We don’t push anymore, we walk quietly with the little ones.”
Valerie, childminder
Villepreux (France)
“I constantly used the motor, which allowed me to stop pushing at all and save time to go to the park. Normally I need to lie down for 30 minutes every day during the kids nap to rest my back. I didn’t need it this time. ”
Sylvianne, childminder
Paris (France)
Our history
Initially dream of a father of three young children, the KiddyBoost finally became a reality after three years of development. It is produced in France and sold since 2019. It was designed and developed by Mobinov, a French company dedicated to designing and industrializing innovative electrical assistance systems for micro-mobility applications.

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