Rediscover the pleasure to stroll with your kids

How does it work ?

Watch the video to see how Kiddyboost turns your stroller into an electric puschair in less than one minute, in order to keep only the pleasure of the strolls with the kids, up to 4 km / h and 4 children on a 10% slope.

Starting the power system

Press the trigger fixed on the handle bar and push the stroller simultaneously, the electric assistance starts after 1 to 4 steps. The speed can then be then selected thanks to the trigger and up to 4 km/h.

Power assistance in all directions

You steer the stroller with the handlebar as usual. Then the 200W drive motor wheel pivots to assist you in the desired direction, whether it’s tight turns or U-turns When you no longer want to use the electric assist, the motor wheel turns freely without any hindrance to the pusher and is completely forgotten..


Thanks to its adjustable arms, rear central position and height, the feet are not obstructed in most cases, which makes it unobtrusive, even when you do not use the power.

Adaptation to urban obstacles

The articulated arms allow to go up and down the pavement ramps, kerbs and thresholds. Power assistance is particularly useful to go up pavement ramps effortlessly. In the countryside, the engine runs on dirt roads, even when there are small holes as long as the ground remains hard.

Recharge the battery

The 7.8 Ah lithium-ion battery is very light (1.5 kg) and can be easily removed for recharging at home. It enables autonomy up to 30 kilometers with 4 children. Led indicators show the level of charge. If not used for more than 10 minutes when plugged into the module, it goes on standby automatically to avoid consuming electricity.

Storage and transportation

With a weight slightly over 9 kilograms in all, the battery and arms are removable to save weight and compactness, for storage in a car trunck for example.

Assembly and disassembly on the stroller

Thanks to its adjustable arms in tilt, width and length, it can be fixed to a very large part of existing strollers.

Once the preset is done, it only takes a few seconds to mount or dismount its stroller module.

Your electric trigger adapts to your preferences: right-handed, left-handed, push trigger or pull … Thanks to its Velcro fastening system, it adapts to all stroller handlebars.

Technical features


Motor Brushless 24V & 200W
Performance Max adjustable speed 4 kmh
Number of children / max weight powered 4 children / 100 kg
max gradient with 4 children 10%
Batterie Lithium-ion 24V / 7.8 Ah
Autonomy up to 30 km*
Max charge time with charger included < 4 hours
Total weight 9,5 kg (dont batterie = 1,5 kg )

* At constant speed for a stroller with 4 children on the flat – distance for information only

The Kiddyboost is a patented and approved system according to European standards in the field of electrical safety, CEM, ROHS and compatible with the EN1888 standards of strollers.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is Kiddyboost equipped with a brake?

NoKiddyboost is only a push assist. If you want to use it in very steep areas, it is better to use a stroller equipped with brakes for descents.

Why not have developed a stroller equipped with an electric motor?

There are very few electric strollers, and in this case it is not possible to choose the model of stroller (compactness, weight, number of seats, etc.). If the electric stroller has the advantage of better integrating electrical assistance into the wheels, it has the defect of being often very expensive and requires buying a new stroller. They are also often heavier to carry upstairs or load into the trunk than a system that can be stored independently of the stroller. Finally, in the event of a breakdown, the stroller is much heavier to use. We have to find a repairman, bring him the electric stroller and be able to do without it while waiting to be repaired. For all these reasons, we considered that an independent module was the best response to the need for motorization.

How is Kiddyboost distributed and repaired?

It is available directly on our website, page “Shop”. Designer and manufacturer of our booster, we have all the spare parts in stock as well as a competent technical team; that’s why we provide ourselves after-sales in case of breakdown. Just send us your booster, and then you can continue to use your manual stroller. For simple repairs, just contact us at to order parts.

How to test Kiddyboost ?

If you are in the Paris area, you can either come and try it at La Celle-Saint-Cloud, or we can come to make a demo if you can gather at least a dozen interested persons. For the province, we travel during demo tours in major cities In any case, do not hesitate to contact us on our mailbox

Kiddyboost is compatible with most strollers on the market.

Kiddyboost is available with two extension lengths

  • Standard length for strollers in line (2, 3 or 4 seats) or strollers side by side with only 2 seats
  • XL length for large strollers side by side with at least 3 seats, at least two in width (Childwheels 3 or 4 seats – except some 4 narrow seats such as Familidoo Lidoo 4).

NB:to change from a two-seater stroller to a large 4-seater stroller side by side, it is only necessary to change the Kiddyboost arm extensions.

Width A between rear struts up to 100 cm

NB: The rear struts must be more or less vertical, parallel and straight on at least 6 cm

To optimize the use of Kiddyboost

Select strollers with the following features

  • A distance B between the vertical of the handlebar and the vertical of the rear wheel axle (brake included) as large as possible (avoid umbrella strollers)
  • Equipped with a brake if you want to go down steep slopes

Fixing point and rear space dimensions.
The arms must be able to be fixed in the following way:

  • at least 40 cm from the ground and symmetrically on each strut (H)
  • Can be fixed under the basket if there is one (and at least 40 cm from the ground)
  • No seat or basket lower than 40 cm from the ground, No back seat returned (possible when feet are raised in some cases)

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