List of compatible strollers.

None exhaustive list of strollers validated for Kiddyboost.

This list is up-dated on a regular basis. If your model is not yet in the below list or in case of doubt, please contact us by email at .

Brand Model Nbr seats Compatible Extensions
ABC Adventure Buggy Co Quad Quad 2,3 or 4 Yes Std
ABC Design Zoom 2 Yes Std
Angeles Bye-Bye 4 seats 4 Yes XL
Baby Monster Easytwin 2 Yes Std
Bébé Confort Lila Nomad 1 or 2 Yes Std
Bébé Confort Twin club 2 Yes Std
Bébé Confort 3 seats in line (old model) 3 Yes Std
Boutique nounou 4 seats 4 Yes STD (XL possible)
Boutique nounou 3 seats 3 Yes Std
Britax B – agile 2 Yes Std
Bugaboo Donckey 2 2 Yes Std
Casual play S Twinner 2 Yes Std
Chicco Double Together COAL 2 Yes Std
Childhome/Childwheels 3 seats 3 Yes XL
Childhome/Childwheels 4 seats 4 Yes XL
CREE Bug 2 Yes Std
CREE Stingray 1 Yes Std
CREE Tom 4 1 Yes Std
Familidoo Lidoo star BB / S04 4 Yes XL
Familidoo Lidoo 4 4 Yes Std
Familidoo Lidoo city BB 4 Yes Std
Familidoo Lidoo Bi BB 2 Yes Std
Familidoo Lidoo 3 seats 3 Yes Std
Formula baby Tandem 2 tango 2 Yes Std
Foundations Quadruple quad sport 4 Yes XL (STD possible)
Gracco Stadium 2 Yes Std
Hauck Rapid 3R Duo 2 Yes Std
Hippocampe All Terrain 1 Yes Std
Jamic Twin stroller 2 Yes XL
Inglesina Domino double 2 Yes Std
Inglesina Domino trio 3 Yes Std
Inglesina 4 seats (old model) 4 Yes Std
Jane Powertwin 2 Yes Std
Joie Evalite 2 Yes Std
Joie Aire twin 2 Yes Std
Looping Double tango ou Samba 2 Yes Std
Lotsofbabies Twin T2, Triple T3, Quad T4 2,3,4 Yes XL (STD possible)
Mountain buggy Duet silver 2 Yes Std
Mountain buggy Nano double 2 Yes Std
ORMESA Bug 1 Yes Std
Peg Perego Duette Piroet (no steer. wheel) 2 Yes Std
Peg Perego Triplette Piroet (no steer. wheel) 3 Yes Std
Quinny Hubb 2 Yes XL (STD possible)
Qtus DuetPro 1 or 2 Yes Std
Red Castle Evolutwin 2 Yes XL
Tex Baby Twin 2 Yes Std
TFK Twin Trail 2 Yes Std
TFK Twin Adventure 2 Yes Std
Trippy Triple 3 Yes Std
Trottine Double doppler 2 Yes Std
Vipamat Hippocampe 1 Yes STD