“A Dad’s Dream”

“A few years ago, with 3 young children, I discovered the constraint of pushing a heavy stroller in the sloping streets. As I was interested in everything existing on wheels, I was very surprised that at the time of the electric micro-mobility booming (electric scooter, VAE, motorized wheelchair, electric golf cart, etc…) there is no satisfactory solution to power the strollers. This is all the more surprising given that many testimonials can be found on internet, especially those from childminders calling for such a product.

Some time later, the desire to found my own business and create something useful in the electric mobility that I am passionate about naturally led me back to thinking about this project. After 20 years of varied experience as an automotive executive and an exploratory survey, I took the plunge at the beginning of 2015. Rather than embarking on the design of a stroller with built-in electric motor that seems expensive to manufacture and does not offer the choice of model, I set myself the goal of creating an independent system that can be mounted and dismounted in less than one minute on the stroller of your choice. Through meetings with valuable people and partners, a technical solution was finally found after numerous prototypes, iterations and small steps to lead to the birth of an interesting and innovative technical concept.

In 2016, a patent was filed and Mobinov was born in France to develop and industrialize Kiddyboost, so that the walk with the kids in strollers would be nothing more than fun.”

Stéphane VIX

Founder and Ceo, Mobinov

The project in pictures

The first prototypes: in search of the technical solution

Final prototype: tests and measurements on different types of strollers

Pre-series: validation of components and suppliers

Introducing Mobinov


Design and assembly in France

Founded in 2016 in the Paris region, Mobinov has developed a network of partners in France from areas as varied as automotive prototyping or the design of bicycles and light electric vehicles to create, develop and manufacture power systems such as Kiddyboost.


Thanks to removable power systems like Kiddyboost, Mobinov wants to democratize the electric-assisted push to help move all types of manual trolleys that are not powered or expensive to do so. Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the main targets.



  • Innovation: by exploring and clearing the many niche markets left behind by the electric micro-mobility revolution.
  • Freedom: by making life easier for its customers with simple, useful and adaptable products that give them more mobility, more choice and free them from effort… and their car.
  • Enjoyment: share the pleasure, even the fun that electric mobility provides

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